Drones/Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS)

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) wish to inform the public of the dangers and hazards drones and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) can cause to aircraft operations. Under the Civil Aviation Act 2002, there are strict Rules applying to the operation of drones and RPAS to ensure they remain clear from aircraft flight paths.

Cook Islands Civil Aviation Rule (CICAR) Part 101 regulate the general use of use drones. CICAR Part 102 applies for the operation of drones for commercial use..  These Rules relating to the operation of drones/RPAS can be freely downloaded from the following www.transport.gov.ck/aviation/rules/

The following are some of the detailed requirements relating to the operation of drones/RPAS

CICAR 101.11 Not to be operated in controlled airspace unless authorisation is obtained from the Air Traffic Control Unit.  Note the whole of Rarotonga is contained within the Rarotonga International Airport’s control zone and thus permission must be obtained from the Manager Air Traffic Services, Airport Authority for all drone operations on Rarotonga

CICAR 101.205 Not to be operated within 4km of an uncontrolled aerodrome.

CICAR 101.207 (a) (3) Not to be operated at a height above 400ft or 120m above ground/water

CICAR 101.207 (a)(1) Not to be operated over people or property unless prior consent has been obtained

For further information and authority to operate please contact the following:

Ministry of Transport, telephone 28810, email [email protected]

Airport Authority, telephone 25890, email [email protected]