Maritime Safety Information

The Maritime Safety Information Service of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) is the internationally and nationally coordinated network of broadcasts containing information which is necessary for safe navigation, received on ships by equipment which automatically monitors the appropriate transmissions, displays information which is relevant to the ship.

Maritime Safety Information (MSI) is of vital concern to all ships. It is therefore essential that common standards are applied to the collection, editing and dissemination of this information.

The World-Wide Navigational Warning Service (WWNWS) is the internationally and nationally coordinated service for the promulgation of navigational warnings.  Information is transmitted in different manners to ensure all mariners have access.  When information will be ongoing (i.e. provision of a new buoy, marking of fishing aggregate devices, etc) the MSI will be added to the relevant chart.

In the Cook Islands the Director, Marine is responsible for ensuring MSI is accurate and transmitted according to international standards.  This is done as part of the Cook Islands National Hydrographic Service, and includes close cooperation with the Cook Islands Hydrographer.

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