Un-Scheduled Flights

All passengers, mail, cargo and crew of any overseas aircraft shall be subject mutatis mutandis to all applicable general or special local regulations dealing with the entry, transit and departure of persons, introduction, transit or exportation of goods, quarantine and health measures, immigration, passports, visas and travel documents.

The pilot of an aircraft on an unscheduled flight who intends to overfly the Cook Islands or to use a Cook Islands airport for landing shall request such permission from the Ministry of Transport at least 14 full working days prior to departure and include the following information:

(a) Name and address of the aircraft operator;

(b) Type and registration marks of the aircraft;

(c) Name, address and business of charterer;

(d) Proposed date and place of origin of flight;

(e) Routes including dates and times of arrival and departure;

(f) Number of passengers and/or nature and amount of freight;

(g) Purpose of flight;

(h) Aircraft take-off weight and tyre pressure;

(i) Refueling details and time required;

(j) Details of third party insurance cover for flights over or within the Cook Islands.

Fax copies of:

(a) Certificate of airworthiness;

(b) Pilot’s aviation licence and validating medical certificate.


A response should be expected between 1–7 days after the request has been received. For planning purposes, this can be expedited provided the urgency is indicated.

Any changes to the proposed itinerary must be notified