The Maritime section is responsible for the administration of the Maritime Transport Act and associated rules and regulations. The section is also responsible for insuring the Cook Islands’ obligations under international maritime laws and conventions are met.  In addition, the section has responsibilities related to aids to navigation and maritime safety information. The Cook Islands Maritime Transport Policy (2014) provides further information.

Commercial Vessels

The Cook Islands operates an open register for ships and yachts via a network of Deputy Registrars around the world.  Maritime Cook Islands manages the open registrar on behalf of the Cook Islands.  Maritime Cook Islands performs all Flag State duties for the Cook Islands government through an agreement with the Ministry of Transport. All vessels that fly the flag of the Cook Islands must comply with all relevant international maritime conventions and IACS Unified Interpretations.

Reporting an Accident

It is critical that accidents be reported – click here for information on what an accident or incident is and how to report one.