New Vacancies 2021 - Cook Islands Ministry of Transport
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New Vacancies 2021

New Vacancies 2021

Ministry of Transport logo

14th January 2020 – Starting time 5:15pm

  1. Apologies
  2. Fireworks
  3. Sponsor thank yous
  4. Finalise donations
  5. Outstanding payme
  6. Recap vid for 2020 – tiktok style lol
  7. Rotaract week
  8. AGM Date
  9. Regional stuff – fundraiser
  10. Other business
  11. Signatory on accounts at ANZ


Tabby, Teps


Byron, Isaac, Veep, Sandee, Daniel

Couldn’t move the meeting from previous meeting as Byron lost the document on his computer but mostly what was discussed was fireworks for new years eve and outstanding payments from Christmas in the Park. Missing Barrier and Table and Chair from MOCD.


  • Agree to adjust the invoice to $2,000; recover costs for future use
  • Byron to message Brendon Smith Regarding Fireworks
  • Daniel to Organise Cheque or Online Banking

Sponsor thank you’s:

  • Byron: suggested a lunch at Traders; invite Sponsors, with Executive present
  • Daniel: Frames at CITC; certificate of appreciation could be a goer; or engraved shell from Island Craft ($45 per); includes graving
    • Involves: shell, thank you – agree to go ahead with the shells from Island Craft as a thank you to sponsors
    • Byron will seek a design, Exec committee to decide from there
      • Lunch arrangement for delivery of thank you sponsorship shells
        • Ideas include:
          • Traders; Fishing Club (with Catering); Alternatively could just do delivery to Sponsorship offices/place of work
          • TBC re delivery of Sponsorship Gifts