Schedules Flights - Cook Islands Ministry of Transport
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Schedules Flights

Scheduled flights

All passengers, mail, cargo and crew of any overseas aircraft shall be subject mutatis mutandis to all applicable general or special local regulations dealing with the entry, transit and departure of persons, introduction, transit or exportation of goods, quarantine and health measures, immigration, passports, visas and travel documents.

Clearance document requirements

It is necessary that the aircraft documents shown in Table GEN 1.2 – 1 be submitted by airline operators for clearance on entry and departure of their aircraft to and from the Cook Islands. All documents listed in Table GEN 1.2 – 1 must follow the ICAO standard format as set forth in the relevant appendices to ICAO Annex 9 and are acceptable when furnished in English in legible handwriting. No visas are required in connection with such documents.

All documents are to be submitted to Customs as soon as practicable.